Macbeth at the Willow Globe
July 2018

The Final Battle
The Final Battle
  • A site-specific cross arts project involving Key Stage 2 pupils from Rhayader Primary School
  • Based at Shakespeare Link’s stunning Willow Globe – a scaled-down living willow version of Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Four days of music, drama and art workshops exploring Macbeth and devising an creative response incorporating Shakespeare’s words plus the children’s improvisation
  • Culminating in a promenade sharing of the children’s work for family and friends

Creative team

  • Leila Crerar, director
  • Raphael Clarkson, music leader
  • Richard Boswell & Mai Thomas, visual artists
  • Jethro Skinner, actor
  • Rob Cope, musician
  • Catrin Slater, creative producer
  • Sue Best & Philip Bowen, artistic directors of Shakespeare Link


“It’s been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!” (Tom)

“The Lady Macbeth scene was my favourite” (Elsie)

“I LOVE the Willow Globe!” (Jamie)

“The things I liked best were making up my own songs and words and making cool art and meeting new people and making new friends from other classes” (Mai)

“I’m proud of creating a show with everybody, I loved it all” (Calum)

“We’ve worked with artists before but it hasn’t been like this. This is fantastic, the children are so engaged and we have so many ideas that we can take back to school with us.” (teacher)