Tempest at the Willow Globe
June - July 2016

 Musician Sam Glazer working with KS2 pupils from Newbridge-on-Wye Primary School in the Willow Globe
  • A site-specific cross arts project involving all Key Stage 2 pupils from Newbridge on Wye County Primary School
  • Taking place over a week at Shakespeare Link’s stunning Willow Globe in mid Powys – a scaled-down living willow version of Shakespeare’s Globe
  • A new collaboration with Shakespeare Link and Arts Connection
  • Four days of music, drama and art workshops, culminating in a promenade performance for family and friends

Creative team

  • Sue Best & Philip Bowen, Artistic directors of Shakespeare Link
  • Sam Glazer, Music director
  • Raphael Clarkson, Musician
  • Richard Boswell & Mai Thomas, Visual artists
  • Vanessa Hammick, Actor
  • Jethro Skinner, Actor

A project scrapbook

Act 1, scene 1

A re-creation of the opening tempest scene with song, masks for Ariel and her spirits, choreography and drama.

“I thought the tempest scene was really fun”

“I loved doing the Sailor’s Captain because I had a really long part! The Tempest is like one of my favourite plays. I love acting sooooo much!”

“I really liked making the masks with Mai and Richard, because you could make up your own ideas and I liked experimenting on different looks.”

A puppet show to introduce the characters of the island, with accompanying island soundscape.

“I enjoyed making the puppets – I made Prospero out of black card then did a show on the ark with my puppet”

“I liked the puppet making because it was really fun and there was no wrong way.”

“I liked making music with Sam and Raff I liked how you could feel the island’s magic with the scary noises, crunching of the leaves and the waterfall.”

Act 1, scene 2: Miranda’s Song

A new song written by the children describing Miranda’s feelings when she sees Ferdinand for the first time:

O Brave New World,
That has such people in it
Where did you come from?
This island was my whole world,
What are these strange creatures?
I've searched every inch of this island
And never found anything like you
I've searched every inch of this Island
And never found anything like you
O Brave New World

“My favourite character was Miranda and I loved doing the music with Raph and Sam”

“I really enjoyed making our Miranda song with Raph and Sam because we could make up our own rhythm”

“I really liked writing and performing the Miranda song and playing her, because in the song I got to say something that I wrote myself”

Act 2, scene 2

The children worked with Sam and Raph to make music and actions to accompany Caliban’s song:

‘No more dams I’ll make for fish,
   Nor fetch in firing /  At requiring,
Nor scrape trenchering, nor wash dish:
‘Ban, ‘Ban, Ca-Caliban
Has a new master – get a new man!
Freedom, high-day! High-day, freedom! Freedom, high-day, freedom!’

“I liked doing music with Sam and Raph doing ‘ban ban Caliban’”

“I loved it when Raff played trombown and I wish I could play the trombown … my favourite thing was the drama, music, puppets and the dance”

“Sam and Raph had a lot of energy and included us. I loved the Caliban song and the dance moves.”

Act 3, scene 3:

The Banquet Scene was brought to life with papier mache food and mime:

“… I liked doing the banquet scene because it was challenging … and I liked going past the people and showing them the food but not letting them have it.”

“I really enjoyed Mai and Richard’s Banquet making. Me and Beth worked on the vegetables, and did broccoli, peas, carrots, leeks, celery and runner beans”

Act 4, scene 1

The wedding scene incorporated new vows created by the children for Ferdinand and Miranda.

“my favourite character was Miranda because she’s Prospero’s daughter, she’s really lovely and she married Ferdinand.”

“I loved doing drama with you Jethro because you gave me a lot of confidence to be in front of a lot of people. I loved the Tempest because I got to play Ferdinand in the play, and my favourite scene was the wedding scene.”

Caliban’s plot to murder Prospero unravels when his accomplices Stephano and Trinculo are distracted by Prospero’s washing line:

“I loved doing drama with Jethro and Vee because it was very funny when we did the scene with Caliban, Trinkalo and Stefarno and I’d like to do it again”

Act 5, scene 1

Prospero is reconciled with his brother Antonio, King Alonso and the Lords, and Ariel is finally set free.

“My favourite character was definitely Ariel because it makes me think of every thing in the world that I love. My favourite scene was when Prospero set Ariel free. I think you’d guess why.”

“the reason I liked the Tempest was because of all of the thrill, the drama and the music.”

Teachers’ feedback

  • “There wasn’t a single child who didn’t enjoy it”
  • “The children were constantly interested and engaged”
  • “The project supported the development of core skills and softer skills”
  • “We witnessed participation from children we would not have expected to get involved”
  • “Excellent project management”
  • “We would definitely be keen to get involved again in the future and would recommend the project to other schools”

Thank you

Without the generous support of our funders this project could not have taken place:

  • The Arts Council of Wales
  • Powys Welsh Church Act Fund (through the Community Foundation)
  • Gibbs Trust
  • Llysdinam Trust
  • The Ernest Cook Charity (via Arts Connection)
  • and individual donors to the Mid Wales Music Trust